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I offer comprehensive, professional guidance through each step of the application process to help students achieve their specific goals. These services include the following:

  • Understand students' abilities, skills, talents, interests, personality, and learning preferences

  • Determine student’s and family’s goals and priorities

  • Suggest appropriate colleges and programs, and guide the student and family through the research phase

  • Evaluate a student’s academic record, offering guidance in course selection and extra-curricular activities

  • Review testing information and develop a testing timetable and strategies

  • Assist the student with creating a resume

  • Help students identify colleges that match a student’s academic needs and personal interests​

  • Provide basic financial aid information and resources

  • Develop an application timeline​ 

  • Provide essay guidance and support resources as needed

  • Evaluate offers of admission and/or alternative programs

Understand students' abilities, interests, personality, and learning preferences


Each student possesses a unique combination of skills and talents. I help students identify their learning strengths and areas for growth, determine possible college majors and design a course of study for success in high school and beyond


Identify appropriate colleges and programs, and guide the student and family through the research phase


There are over 100 4-year colleges and universities in California and thousands of colleges and universities within the United States. Finding the right college is a process that can be both stressful and enjoyable. Ultimately, the process should be one of growth and self-discovery. I help my clients identify schools and programs that would be a good fit based on their individual profile. 


Review standardized testing resources and develop a test prep plan 


In the wake of The Varsity Blues Scandal, standardized testing is changing. I help students and their families determine if, when and where to focus their time and energy: ACT vs. SAT, AP tests, SAT Subject Tests. I help families determine which schools are test-optional and whether or not a student should submit his or her tests. Together, we will develop a timetable for test-prep and identify standardized test resources. 


College Prep Timeline: Early preparation helps students to maximize opportunities and resources during the high school years.

Atlas Education offers the following services:

  • Review of current classes and future course suggestions

  • Tips for academic success

  • Exploring interests and talents

  • Working with parents and student to determine long-term objectives

  • Student-centered planning

  • Determining college affordability and means


9th & 10th Grade


During these first two years the focus should be on coursework, grades and activities. We meet two to three times each year to discuss course selection, academic goals, and extra-curricular activities that can make a difference in college eligibility. A student’s main focus should be on strong grades.


The initial session is held with both the student and parents during 9th and 10th grades is intended to explore and establish goals and priorities. I will review transcripts, academic profiles, and have the parent(s) and student complete questionnaires to create a comprehensive understanding of the student’s and family’s goals and needs.


11th Grade


Junior year can be demanding and should be one in which a student’s primary focus is on his/her academic coursework. During this time, I meet with the student 4 to 6 times to help identify schools of interest based on their profile, create a list of schools to which the student plans to apply, establish a timeline for standardized testing, plan for campus visits and assist with creating a student resume. 


12th Grade


With respect to college applications, the focus of the summer prior to a student’s senior year should be on writing essays for identified schools to which the student plans to apply. In addition to essay support, I will meet with students 4 to 6 times to develop an application timeline, provide basic financial aid information and resources,​ and evaluate offers of admission and/or alternative programs such as Gap-Year programs and internships.

​Meetings occur at a mutually agreed upon location, at your home within a 10-mile radius of Walnut Creek, California or from anywhere in the world, via ZOOM. Please contact me to schedule a 30-minute, complimentary consultation or to request information on rates and current availability.