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When is the best time to begin the college application process?

While the actual college application process begins in the second semester of junior year, there are many parts of the process that begin as early as freshman year, 9th grade. It is beneficial for a student to meet with me several times a year from 9-11 grades to make sure they are taking the correct classes, engaged in extra-curricular activities, and begin familiarizing themselves with the college search process. 

What are the best extra-curricular activities?

The best extra-curricular activities are the ones a student enjoys.  Colleges are looking for long-term, sustained interest in activities that grow skills and and contribute to self and others.

Do you have any GPA requirements for students you work with?

I work with students from all GPAs who are interested in applying to college. There are hundreds of colleges in the US and there are wonderful solutions for every student.

Do you work with international students?

Yes, I work with students both across the US and around the world. Meetings are held via Zoom at mutually convenient times. 

Do you limit the number of colleges a student can apply to?

I do not place limits on the number of colleges to which a student can apply however, essays and personal statements require significant work so students should not overcommit themselves by applying to an excessive number of colleges. 

Do you offer a guarantee?

Offering guarantees is prohibited by the IECA's Statement of Principles of Good Practice.  I do not give any guarantees.  My job is to help a student put together the best possible application they can submit; and then the college admissions office makes the decision on admission. I do not accept any fees or other compensation from institutions for putting a college on a student’s list. 

Do you limit the number of students you work with?

Yes, this ensures students and families with whom I work have fair access to my time throughout the process.